What is on offer?

We will provide our clients with the right marketing tools for their small and medium-sized construction firms.
We will work with you to identify, research and secure new business opportunities on a regular basis.
This unique service offers an attractive, flexible, simple, and cost-effective answer for companies who are looking for an experienced manager to generate new business and nurture existing relationships on a part-time basis. Here is an insider’s view of what we do on a typical setup day.

CMM has a wealth of experience in generating new business for Construction Consultants, Contractors and Sub-Contractors.

We can review your existing website and set up a new one if necessary. Add a Blog and write regular posts for you. If you are interested in Social Media we can set up a Twitter account and a Facebook page if necessary. Most importantly, when we set up your Marketing System it will be appropriate for your business. Whether offline or online you can be confident that you will have the right tools to do the work of increasing your profile in the marketplace.
We will also write the letters, develop a Profile and spend time on the phone talking with the decision-makers to nurture working relationships for you.

Talk to us about what we do:

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Consultancy – This is the key to identifying your business marketing needs. We will analyse and identify your current marketing practice and make recommendations to make your marketing more effective.

Design – At CMM we understand what it takes to develop a ‘window’ into your business without going over the top. You will be surprised at what a well-constructed website will do for your business.

Social Media – So, what is everyone talking about? Social Media is guaranteed to move your marketing to a new level when handled correctly. We will help you through the maze of technologies and only recommend what will be useful for your business.

Blogging – Good content in a blog post is an excellent way of engaging with people who are looking to you for a lead within the construction sector. We will help you set up a WordPress Blog and even write the posts for you if necessary.

Audit – We have developed a CMM Marketing Audit for construction firms. You can download a copy by subscribing on the top right of our page. This is the best place to start.

Training РWe have been slowly developing training modules for those interested in Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook and others that will follow.  CLICK HERE to find out more about our Marketing Workshops.

This is a proven, professional, and cost-effective way to secure the type of work you need on an ongoing basis. The reason you should look at this service is simple. It works!

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