Construction Marketing Audits for you

Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, CDM-C, Builders and specialist contractors need a helping hand. These Construction Marketing Audits are the key to positioning your construction company in the right place..

When you embark on a journey to an unfamiliar destination it is wise to have an experienced guide with you. Building a business that is both successful and profitable is hard work. These construction marketing audits below are your guide to market your construction business wisely, effectively and best of all profitably.

There are three options to choose from and all you need to do is select the one best suited to you: Have a look what others are saying about the ‘Mezzanine Marketing Audit”

“CMM’s marketing audit has given me the opportunity to review my businesses performance and to look at new promotional strategies going forward.   The process of the audit was surprisingly easy with greater than expected results.   For a fraction of my time I have received insight into a very wide spectrum under the subject of marketing and how that can help to improve my business.   The report in response to my questionnaire answers provides clear understanding of each particular area and what I can do within my business to exploit it.”      –   Laurence Wright, Bizzy Blue Architects

“Having found John to be a personable, professional individual, I completed one of CMM’s Mezzanine Audit Reports and found the whole process quick and easy. The report and all important advice and recommendations were focused, clear and easy to understand and I have no doubt will help in the continued development of my business.”    –   Chris Burley, InSurvey