Free Basement Marketing Audit

This free Basement Marketing Audit is not actually free! I would like to trade with you and ask for your name, business name, email and web address. Yes, those are the terms of my offer. I hope you are prepared to trade information for your free marketing audit.

What are you getting?

The entry level or ‘Basement Audit’ is a series of questions to help you grasp the importance of marketing and then to identify where your business is positioned today. As you move through the Audit you will discover that a map starts to take shape before your very eyes. And, like any journey, you will discover where you are and more importantly, where you want to be in 3, 6, 9, or 12 months time.

Why an Audit?

Well, let’s ask ourselves another question. Most micro construction companies have a very limited budget and therefore it will be important to identify where you are with your marketing and where you are going. The question, “Where is my business now, and where do I want to take it?” That is a key question. Most of us, including myself want to get on with the business of selling our products or services but we do need to do that properly for maximum impact. This free marketing audit will help you achieve that end.

Is that it?

Yes, that is all you need for an entry level key. You are on your own and once you complete the series of questions you will need to work out your own marketing route. Click on the link now and download your free marketing audit.