I am often asked how the construction industry is incorporating social media into their marketing plan. In all honesty, I think the jury is still out on this one. However, Social Media in business is certainly growing at an exponential rate. In the last couple of years, construction companies are increasingly using the various platforms and technologies in their marketing mix.

Tailor Made Solutions

We are committed to using only the type of marketing that fits your business. Experience tells us that not all companies are the same but the thread of marketing runs through each of them. The trick is to identify the best way to increase enquiries through the door and so give you value for money.

Is Social Media for us?

If we start with your own marketing you might want to ask yourself some basic questions before getting involved in social media as an Architect, Building Surveyor, Quantity Surveyor, Builder, Specifier or other consultant or contractor.

1. Where are Consultants/Contractors/Specifiers getting together online?

2. What information are they looking for in order to make better business decisions?

3. Which media are they using to connect with others in construction?

4. Which media platforms are your competitors using?

By answering these questions you should be able to add the relevant social media platforms into your marketing mix.

What will we do for you?

We will help you to define the best social media marketing mix for your business. There is no ‘one-size’ fits all approach because each company is different

If you would like to discuss your own marketing plan and how to develop a strategy right for your business give us a call 0782 515 5165.