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Taking time out to think is vital. I enjoy walking. I moved from running to walking many years ago due to a back injury. Change is good for us. It was for me, although not easy. I enjoyed the buzz of running and the positive effects that this particular exercise had on my outlook on life. It goes without saying that physically I was in good shape. After months of physio and visits to the chiropractor, the problem was dealt with. Relieved, I had to move forward.


However, like most things in life, one can either give up on something or find another way. I needed to find another way. So, I started power walking to get my cardio rate up and I found to my surprise it became really enjoyable. I was able to think more clearly and had time on my own to consider ideas or challenges. Of course, we don’t always need a seemingly negative event to help us with a change of direction in our lives or business.


Running a Construction business can be challenging, very challenging. Architects face design challenges to fit in with a savvy generation with new ideas. Quantity Surveyors are increasingly thinking of ways to reduce costs on their client’s projects.¬† Building Contractors have to deal with issues of timescale and implement the wishes of the Architect and Project Manager. Stress and mental illness have become commonplace in the world today with budget cuts and unmanageable workloads. All of this leads me to the important message I have discovered for myself. We need to find ways to exercise regularly and take time out to think creatively. Whether we go to a gym, play sports often, or go running, we need the time out! We need to take time alone to think!

What worked for me in the past may no longer work going forward. Marketing has changed so much in the last twenty years. Taking time out has enabled me to choose the best way forward for myself and my business. What about you? Are you coping with your current workload? Are there things on your mind that need your attention?


Busyness has become a buzzword today but may also indicate a lack of productivity. We can become so busy that we lose sight of the purpose of our lives or business goals. Stop, evaluate, and take time out to think. It might be worth considering what it means for you to take time out to think creatively! Is this strategy of time out part of your business plans?

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