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Unconvinced About Social Media?

Unconvinced about Social Media? You certainly wouldn’t be alone if you think that way. However, there is much evidence for adding Social Media to your Marketing Plan. If you are working in the construction industry it is smart to engage with allies. These are tough times. And, there are people who would support your business because they have the expertise. In my opinion, we all need encouragement today from our peers. Let’s ask ourselves a couple of simple questions to start the ball rolling.

Having A Plan

First, of all, why do you want to use Social Media? If after some brainstorming you come up with something like, everyone else is doing it or its all the rage – it will not happen. There are platforms littered with accounts that have fizzled out after a couple of months because there was no purpose. You will need to develop a Plan of Action. Which platform is best suited to your business? It is worth researching or getting a professional marketer to help you with this decision.

Doing Your Homework

If you are unconvinced about Social Media it will be worthwhile chatting with someone about it. I would recommend you speak with someone within the Construction sector who is making it work. I’ll list a few below. If you run a small Architectural practice and specialise in high spec housing, Eco Housing or Basement Design then you might want to register on HOUZZ (Click the link to have a look).

Marketing a professional consultancy through LINKEDIN can provide you with a platform to connect with other professionals as well as providing Case Studies or Articles of interest. Projects that have been challenging and how a solution was found is a helpful way to engage with others on LinkedIn. Good connections can be made with other Construction professionals. After all, that’s the goal!

There are just too many Social Media platforms to list here but start with one that best suits your current plan and grow your network over time through planned marketing. You might even increase the number of platforms you use. I started with a simple triangle and worked on BLOGGING, TWITTER and LINKEDIN. They have been very useful for a number of reasons.

Social Media Marketing Menu

I have added a simple story about Social Media Marketing Etiquette  (Click Link) which will help you build a network of good relationships for your construction business. Remember, it is important to be consistent in your use of Social Media. Train yourself to engage with others and share your experiences. This course of action should set you on track and provide your business with the minimum of a healthy network of people in the future.

See you soon…

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