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The Power of Email

By September 29, 2014August 23rd, 2018Construction Marketing

The Power of Email

You just might have some recollection of my last post.  But, in case you don’t remember,  here it is again at the click of a link. I realise more and more that architects, surveyors and building contractors who run their own small business have little time to devote towards marketing.  However, even though time is tight you do still need to market your small construction business.

Social Media Is Your Marketing Ally

When you have selected your preferred social media marketing platform use it to the full.  Let’s say you have chosen to use LinkedIn as your preferred choice of marketing your construction company. It would, therefore, be wise to let others know that this is your choice.  So, in your email, ‘signature’ include a link to LinkedIn as a call to action.  The power of email will extend your marketing reach.  Do it now…

Follow me on LinkedIn

Add your LinkedIn address to your business card, your letterhead and your Company Profile if you use one.  By doing this you will capitalise on the use of a single stream of marketing.  Every time you correspond with someone you will be advertising the fact you are on LinkedIn.

Create your Own LinkedIn UNIQUE Custom Profile. My unique URL is  –  click the link

  • Edit your Public Profile
  • Move your cursor over PROFILE at the top of your Homepage and select Edit Profile.   It will be an address like;
  • Click edit next to the URL under your Profile photo
  • Click ‘Customise your Public Profile URL’
  • Type the last part of your new custom name in the text block
  • Click set custom URL

Some KEY email tips

  • More and more people are reading their emails on the move – In some opinion polls I have read that nearly 80% of people read their emails on their mobile device.
  • Keep your marketing emails short and to the point. In my personal opinion, the email will follow a conversation anyway. The email underlines and confirms the discussions that have already taken place.
  • Before you hit the send button check for typing errors.
  • Email provides you with the most direct way of converting contacts into clients.


I look forward to seeing you again soon.


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