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Has Construction Marketing Become Complex?

By September 21, 2014August 17th, 2018Construction Marketing

Has Construction Marketing Become Complex?

Has Construction Marketing become a complex and time consuming operation for your business?  I think this is a question all business owners will face at some point.  I tend to read a lot about different avenues of marketing and I for one must confess that in the last few years the answers have multiplied.

So, being an Architect, Engineer or Building Contractor faced with a barrage of answers about how best to market your construction company can be confusing.  With the introduction of many very good marketing platforms your marketing may also become time consuming.  My advice to you is simple. Don’t panic!

I have read that cold calling is dead.  Social Media is the best way to generate new clients, tenders and enquiries. We are told to become familiar with new methods of communication like inbound and outbound marketing. Don’t ask for work but rather help everyone in order to grab their attention that identifies you as a ‘good’ company. Sign up to Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook and a long list of worthy platforms.

Social Media Tools are Excellent for Your Construction Company

I am not against signing up and using social media platforms to elevate my own brand within the market place. I would encourage Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, CDMc and Building Contractors to take time and become familiar with the tools available.  However, before you embark on a new journey – make sure you know where you are going.  If you do not know where you are going, believe me,  you will get lost.

The problem is that for some business owners social media is a fad.  And a fad has a short life span. I respect a Surveyor who says he or she does not want to set out on the social media trail because they have thought about it and realise they will not maintain the effort.  You will have come across many Twitter accounts or Blog posts that were last used months ago.  This scenario does not need to be.

Focus Your Attention On Your Audience

If you are an architectural practice with expertise in Education then signing up to Twitter is a must. Sign up and begin to follow Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities. Watch what they are Tweeting about. Connect with them by following them,  Retweeting some of their Tweets and asking them questions. Find out who runs their Twitter account. Develop a rapport.  This connection can provide an opportunity for your practice.  This platform is good for researching and targeting your audience.  It will help you to nurture more of the same type of clients that you want for your practice.

Social Media Has Limitations

Now, the tried and tested ways are always the best. If you are going to market your construction company effectively you must pick up the phone and talk to the people you want to work with.  It is true that there are certain business consultants (outside construction) that will generate enough leads to keep themselves busy through social media. However, I am convinced that within construction we must utilise the phone and face to face meetings in order to generate new enquiries and tender opportunities.

Lead generation is about conversations, relationships and commitments. If we are going to develop each of these we need to go beyond where social media will take us.  You will need to get to know the people who are looking for a design team through conversation.  It takes time to develop good working relationships until finally you receive a commitment.  We want you to work for us.

Social Media is a vital part of the Marketing Toolkit for construction companies.  If used well it can be an effective method of prospecting new contacts.  However, it must be used alongside the traditional methods of marketing which ultimately lead to conversation and commitment.

Can you tell me about your own experiences in generating new business for your construction company?  I would really appreciate hearing from you.


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