Constructing a Marketing Plan

By January 19, 2013Construction Marketing

Plan of ActionWhat does your job as a construction manager entail on a daily basis? Meeting with planners and architects? Reviewing structural plans? Making budget estimates? Preparing progress schedules?

Sound familiar? And whereabouts in this list does reviewing your strategic marketing plan appear?

If you do indeed have a strategic marketing plan, it’s likely that this will appear somewhere down the bottom of the list, between making sure there’s enough coffee in the stock cupboard and analysing the latest batch of CVs which have found their way into your InBox.

If this is the case with your firm, ask yourself just this one last question. Can you identify exactly where the firm needs to be in two, three or even five years’ time and do you know precisely what you can do to help get you there in order to remain competitive?

Is the answer no? Then you need to put a carefully thought out marketing plan in place, faster than you can say “Nescafe Gold Blend”.

The marketing plan will look at where you are now (hereinafter called “Point A”) against the objectives of your business plan (“Point B”). It will analyse your brand reputation, competitor differentiation and the market in general, suggesting key activities which are most likely to raise your profile and ensure that revenue continues to grow.

Your plan will develop, change and grow in line with your company. It will act as a backbone, putting milestones in place and, just as important, will help to measure everything you do, so that you can be confident that your resources are being used effectively.

Make sure you have yours in place.


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