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Plan of Action

By January 19, 2013August 17th, 2018Construction Marketing

Make things happenIt is always good to sit around the table with a new client. There is a feeling that this is a clean start, a new day and there is a certain buzz or energy that creates an expectation amongst us. How long does the enthusiasm last for? Questions are always good tools to identify exactly where we stand in all aspects of business. They act as a reality check!

Do You Have a Plan Of Action?

Do you have a marketing plan in place? Do you own a database of clients and prospects? When was the last time you called an existing client to find out how they are doing? Do you understand the marketing process? These are some of the questions that sharpen our perspective and help us to better grasp what it is that we need to do in order to correct what is wrong and enhance what is right within our business. A marketing plan is like a reference map which serves to help us get our bearings and prepare us for the journey.

Ask yourself what is right for your company!

There are many ways that small business owners can get their name into the marketplace. The YP, Brochures,
Company Profiles, websites, blogs and of course the telephone. Then the more advanced plan of investing in Google Adwords, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Networking with Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. The construction industry continues to take positive steps towards making these social media tools work for them.

Whatever we do we need to look at two things. First, we must have an action plan in place. Who are our clients? In what type of work can we competitive? Who will manage the marketing process?
Secondly, we need to test each process to see if it is giving us a return on
investment. We can use tools to measure this process and gain our maximum share of the market place.

This is where we can help by drafting a simple plan of action which is tailored to your needs as a company.

Action Plan

Write down all the tools you have at your disposal. (Database, Email, Telephone, Company Profile, Brochure, Website, Blog, SMM Tools etc)

  1. List your current clients.
  2. List any companies you have done business with in the last 12 months.
  3. Put together a list of the type of companies or clients you would like to work with.

You will find that you have almost put together an informal plan of action. However, there will be ‘holes’ and we will deal with these next time.

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