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Construction and Hootsuite

By May 4, 2012August 17th, 2018Construction Marketing

Construction and Hootsuite

In my last post I set out some general reasons why it is worth using Hootsuite to save you time and give you a dashboard to control several social media accounts. Today I want to give you some specific reasons why this same channel can help contractors, engineers, architects and others be everywhere they want to be from a single social media platform.

Increase Your Profile

If nothing else, social media will help to increase customer awareness of your products and services. If people cannot find your business on the web then you are not going to be as effective as you can be. Social Media has now given low cost access to small businesses in order to market their business effectively.

If you are just getting started with social media then Hootsuite is definitely a platform that you need to look at seriously. It will save you time, which will please you and energy. Instead of logging in to five separate accounts you simply log in to one.

Hootsuite will help busy business owners, and here’s how.

1.  You can manage multiple networks from one dashboard

Hootsuite will help you to manage multiple accounts all from one dashboard and save you the time of logging in to several different platforms. You can use it for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others. You can use it to direct mail, tweet and retweet, publish photos and shorten your links as well as join conversations of your choice.

2.  Hootsuite is web based.

We all use computers at work and because Hootsuite is web-based you can access it on your pc or Mac and even when you are on the move through your Smartphone. Apps are available to download and make doing business much more flexible and time efficient. When you are on site you can upload updates of your latest project. Great!  Web access enables work colleagues to help manage your profiles and so collaborate on this dashboard.

3.  Collaborate using ‘assign’

The great thing about using Hootsuite is that you can use the functionality of this platform to connect with colleagues using this function. If there is a customer service issue or a blog post that you want  a colleague to respond to then use the assign function. (Pro version) Assign messages for follow-up and track responses. From help desk to marketing, engage audiences at every level of your business.

4.  Monitor Mentions and Respond

You can track Twitter conversations through Hootsuite by selecting keywords in your search. The value of this is you can identify who is saying what about your company services or products. You can track who has commented on your blog posts and respond in real time which is similar to Google alerts.

5.  Finding New Business

What are other people talking and commenting about on Twitter? You can track what is being said and add some worthwhile comments to those conversations. You may be interested in Structural Engineering issues or Ecology. Create for yourself a Hootsuite ‘stream’ (column) where you can track key phrases and when people are in conversation or asking questions you can help with your expertise. In helping others you will become trusted and make new connections with people which may lead to new business.

6.  Use a List to Develop Relationships

Relationships take time to develop and social media platforms such as Hootsuite aid this process. The dashboard enables you to have a networking virtual meeting each day to connect with others using a list. If you find likeminded people on Twitter and add them to your list you can then contribute to the conversation each day. By doing this you naturally build up a network of people who share something in common. You will in turn receive help and recommendations through this process.

Setting up a LIST:

Click “Add Stream” in the top left hand corner. A window will open up and you will then click on Lists. Select a Twitter Profile such as @constructionMM and then select the type of stream you want.

Click on create a new list and in the text field above where it says List URL, type in a name for your Twitter list. Click create column and this will generate your new list to follow. It can either be a Public or Private list which you will need to check.

7.  Share Your Blog Feeds Automatically

If you want to share your blog posts automatically across your network go to Settings – RSS/Atom. Again, if you use the free version you can advertise your own blog while the paid version (under £4 per month) allows you unlimited blogs. You can add up to 20 characters of text before this blog post appears. You might want to add something like, “Construction Blog” or “New post via CMM” which will automatically appear before each blog post title.

I am sure there is a lot more you can do with this marvellous dashboard. If you have any further tips please let me know so I can continue to help others within the construction industry.

Feel free to call me on 0782 515 5165  See you soon…

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