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We  have all heard  about managing our time on social media because it can become a real ‘time drain.’ Social media channels are increasing in number and that means more time we do not have.  Yet when wisdom prevails,  we can manage our social media channels by using the right tools.

In the construction industry using the right tools for the job is of paramount importance. The right tool enables a contractor to get the job done properly and effectively.


Let me introduce you to Hootsuite. This tool will help you to manage all of your social platforms including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Instead of going through the time consuming process of logging on to each social media platform you can use Hootsuite to manage each one from a single platform. Engineers and Architects can view, interact and engage with your social media sites from this single website.

Updates from your other social media sites will appear on your Hootsuite dashboard and you will be able to;

1. Send and receive Tweets using Twitter.

2. Schedule and track Tweets and follow new people.

3. Attach photos and send and receive direct mails.

It has been very helpful to me in managing my time by using this single platform to manage multiple accounts and have so much functionality under ‘one roof.’

Scheduling is a great function which enables me to set up my tweeting for the day or week and then get on with other things. So, after completing your blog post you can schedule the link to go out at different times through the day. In this way you are free to get on with the task of running other  aspects of your business. If your company has more than one person involved with social media then Hootsuite is helpful because it provides features to help with this.

Your team can be given access to this platform without having to know all the passwords. Team members can then be involved in the process of status updates, mentions, retweets, replies and direct messages with your customers.

Monitor and Track

Hootsuite is very helpful in helping to monitor and track your brand.With this information you can create professional customised reports on your social media activity. More on this next time. This will help you to analyse and adapt your campaigns to suit your specific needs as a business. You can also use Hootsuite from your pc, Mac or any Smartphone while on the move.

Your Options

There are two options with Hootsuite. You can use the free version which is suitable for most small businesses or you can upgrade to Pro-Plan which will cost under £4 per month.With the paid version you get unlimited social media accounts, the full report builder and access for an additional team member. The free version offers five free accounts with limited reporting access and no extra team member option but still adds value to a small business owner.

I have found Hootsuite to be very easy to learn and this platform has reduced my time involvement with social media significantly. Have a look at this Social Media Dashboard. There will be more next time…

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