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Blogging for Engineers is a structurally sound idea. Period! In fact, it would be a valuable exercise to  calculate the load and conclude for yourself  that  the benefits to your business can be quite substantial. Puns aside, I could not find too many Engineers using the power of the Internet to market their construction skills and hence the reason for my question. Are Engineers structurally sound?


Who wants to read the ramblings of an Engineer you say? Well, there are many people in the market place who think like you do and would be very interested in what you have to say. Added to that is the need other professionals have for your service. So why not engage with them?

The joy of blogging is that you can help to build your own audience. People who appreciate the detail, the calculations and the solutions that you bring to them. Secondly, it is all about engaging with interested people and asking questions and sharing ideas rather than just a dissertation for someone to read.

What is a Blog?

It is an online journal where your posts are published on your website. The bonus for you is that it transforms your static website in to a continually evolving, dynamic platform where you as an Engineer can publish that appealing content at the click of a button.

You can write about interesting projects that you are involved with but in a conversational and personal style. It doesn’t need to be long, just a few paragraphs.  Consider these points Engineers and please let us start a conversation.

1. Why do so few Engineers actually blog? Type ‘Blogging for Structural Engineers‘ in to Google and see the results. I also looked through the first page of Google to find an Engineer with a Blog.

2. This proves to me that there is a real opportunity to engage with like minded professionals including those Architects on social media that you will want to do business with.

3. Engineers are people who want to connect with a professional network of individuals. Why not do it!

Well,that is all for now. If you are an Engineer it would be so good to hear from you because I value your perspective on blogging and social media. I also know I am able to help you set up this blog to get you going.

Looking forward to your contact.

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