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Coffee Anyone?

By August 4, 2011August 17th, 2018Construction Marketing

Cup of coffeeGood coffee evokes different responses from me. I will add quickly that I have become quite fussy over the years about my coffee and enjoy a well made filter or cappuccino – ‘espresso coffee with frothed hot milk or cream’ Just to prime you if I visit your office. At home, we usually buy the beans and grind them and the aroma  is just wonderful. Coffee aficionados will understand.


I thought a little experiment might be helpful so I asked friends on Twitter the question, “How long will it take to drinkgood cup of coffee?” The reason behind this question is to help micro business owners grow their business. The architect who is trying to expand his practice while trying to achieve planning consent, put together building regulations and making site visits is stretched to the limit. Where does he or she start in marketing their business? As a specialist contractor you might have two or three products or services and struggling to find a way to sell them to your clients.

The answer is coffee!

Yes, in the time you take to drink a good cup of coffee you can put together a simple plan of action. Of course, we are all different and that is obvious by the answers I received to my simple question.

“It takes a long time for a good coffee in a fav place with good chat…” The 5-10 minute ‘coffee’ may turn in to a shared experience with a colleague or friend in a neutral place.

“…my first coffee barely hits the sides; and it’s always espresso!” You may be fortunate enough to sit down and work quickly through the exercise.

“It depends if it’s your first cup or not.” It is always good to review the process and you may need a ‘few’ cups.

“…5-10 minutes, depends on what I am doing.” I personally enjoy getting away on my own for a walk to think through issues important to my business. Don’t try and do three things at once. This exercise is important and being free from distractions is so helpful.

Here is the 5-10 minute Plan of Action

  • 1. What is my product or service?
  • 2. Who are my current clients?
  • 3. Are there ways I can cross-sell to any of them?
  • 4. If yes, when can I call them?
  • 5. If no, do I know of similar company types I can call to sell my services?
  • 6. Right, can I action this or do I need a freelance marketer?

Now, you might think that is too simple but sit down and write it all out and then take action. I have found that managers hope that the referrals will just keep coming. In this economic climate please be proactive. Enjoy the coffee!

If you need any further help please give me a call on 01202 882 225 or email me.


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