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Why use a freelance marketer?

By August 1, 2011August 17th, 2018Construction Marketing

Make things happenHaving examined why it is important for a construction firm to carry out continued marketing communication, it is of course sensible to point out that not every firm can have its own dedicated marketing team, doing just that.  It is also pertinent however, to advise against something which many smaller businesses do, which is to expect a secretary to incorporate these tasks into their everyday workload.  Firstly, marketing will then always come bottom of the pile and secondly, you really do need someone trained and experienced to avoid causing damage to the firm’s brand.

So, have you ever asked the question why use  a freelance marketer?  Many businesses operating within the construction industry have taken up this trend, with continued profile building and business development bringing in significant results.  Here’s why…

No regular salary commitment – few small businesses can afford the luxury of adding to their team when warily entering an upturn.  By simply hiring a qualified freelancer to carry out activities when you are financially able, or perhaps negotiating a small retainer, you are refraining from committing to a regular expense, which you simply might not be able to afford at this stage

Geography – in this technological age, many freelance professionals work remotely.  If this is possible for the work you require, you can then choose among a whole host of qualified marketing professionals across the country, rather than limiting yourself to whoever is available locally.  Remember though to specify if possible that you need a marketer who has experience of the construction industry.

Employment Law – In some cases, by recruiting a freelance marketer, you are not held accountable under usual Employment Law restrictions and regulations.  This all depends on what is defined as a “freelancer” in your particular instance, so check beforehand.

It works! – It is always a bonus to work with a freelancer who can actually do what it says on the ‘label.’  Here is what we do for clients. Read more

On a personal note, I have worked with Architects, Engineers, CDM Co-ordinators, Painting Contractors, Building Surveyors, Electrical Contractors, Builders and others. I have a couple of days spare so if you have a project in mind or would like some help with  your current marketing I would be glad to assist you.

Why not give me a call on 01202 882 225 for a no obligation chat. We have been serving the UK construction industry for over sixteen years helping small and medium sized businesses  market their service or products.

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