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Develop the Habit of a Marketing Culture

I have worked in the UK Construction industry for nearly twenty years. I think over that time I have come across only a few contractors / consultants who actively encourage a culture of marketing within his or her construction business.  You may be fortunate to be one of those people who have also encouraged others to work with you in this process. It should become the norm!

Having asked some business leaders about their strategy for marketing I’m told they either have a marketing department or a business development manager. I realise that each person has their own responsibility within a construction business, but we need within this economic environment in particular to see our role in promoting the company effectively.

If you are a director or owner let us educate our staff by example. Let us show each other how it is done. Don’t expect others to do it unless you are helping them to understand how it is done. Now, I have written about negative marketing in another post HERE.  However, here are a few tips to use in helping your team to be effective in marketing your architectural practice, your construction company, your electrical contracting company etc.

On Site Conversation

On site you as a director will usually meet with the client, architect, engineer, sub contractor. Each of these people have a responsibility on the job. They also may have other sites, clients, work that they know about. This is valuable information

Practical Tips

  • Carry Business Cards with you and use them appropriately.
  • Make sure your team has business cards to use.
  • Ensure your team has an awareness of the ‘purpose’ of your business.
  • Ask questions about future projects. How can you get on to the tender list. Who is the best person to speak to?
  • If the current job is going well find out if your client / consultant / contractor / specialist contractor uses Social Media – LinkedIn and Twitter is a good place to start.
  • If the job is not going too well find out the best way to correct the problem. Communicate effectively!
  • At the end of the project ask the client or best contact if they would be prepared to give you a reference and/or testimonial for your website.

I am sure there are other ways to create a culture of marketing within your company. Think creatively and remember effective relational marketing will always bear positive results.

See you soon…

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