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4 Good Reasons for Social Media Change

Or should I say;  4 Positively Good Reasons to Change How You use Social Media. It is important how Contractors and Consultants use social media within their marketing mix.  If you take twenty marbles and throw them all together towards a small hole five metres away a couple of them may well land in the hole.  I think that is how too many contractors and consultants use social media.  It is my personal view that we can become far more effective in our use of social media within the construction sector.

With some contractors and consultants, there is a drive to get the message out to people through as many channels or platforms as possible. That is okay if you can properly manage each of those platforms.   But,  these efforts more often than not lack purpose.  The result of these unplanned ‘bursts’ or random campaigns usually fizzles out.

I think that there is a better way to use your time when marketing your construction company. Here are some thoughts which may help you.

Have a clear PLAN to engage with people

With many conversations going on within social media it is easy to become discouraged when you get no immediate response.  Remember, it is not about how many ‘likes’ you can get.  It is about people.  It is about engagement and it is about the conversation.  I have said it before. A building contractor needs a set of plans to build a house.  The project may also require a QS an Engineer and a Project Manager as well.  Slow down on your activity and create a well thought out plan of action in order to make the difference within your ‘community or network’ of people.  Maximum impact requires forethought.

Learn to be Consistent

There are factors that impact upon your lives which your network may not be aware of.  There is always something going on within our circle of people.  But, having said that it is important to be self-disciplined when it comes to conversations.  Often written responses can come across differently then if we were speaking to the same person.  Open, planned and well thought out messages will aid consistency.  Consistent contact and communication with our chosen network are important to developing a quality brand. Clear, cool and consistent messages in the midst of the hubbub (a confused noise of many voices) Using fewer platforms is more helpful in maintaining this goal.

Use Fewer Platforms

A building contractor I know recently appointed a third party to set up their social media marketing platforms.  They launched out on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and Facebook. Well, after five months nothing further has happened.  Most consultants and contractors are not quite as extreme as this example but too many still have no plan of action and are therefore inconsistent or random in their posting of messages.  This trait is unhelpful and gives out a clear message to your community. Developing your social media strategy using one platform to convey your unique message carries far more impact and influence.  Learn one platform well and then when you are ready, move to the next one that suits your construction company. There is no rush!

Make it your Aim to be Responsive     

I have said this before but you’ll forgive me for indulging in one of my pet dislikes.  It is Social Media Marketing, not Unsocial. A well thought out question or statement on one of your platforms can provide some excellent conversations.  Conversation is a key element in social media marketing.  Listening and responding!  There are large numbers of people who use these amazing tools like ‘one-way traffic’  They are not really interested in you as a person.  They want likes and endorsements or follows.  It may be an ‘ego’ problem but we need to reject the one-way streets and head towards the car parks to stretch my metaphor.  The car park is a place to get out of your selected vehicle and walk across to converse with others.  Be responsive.

Plan your course and be consistent. Use no more platforms than you can manage properly and be responsive!

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