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Stop and Think

By June 4, 2014August 17th, 2018Construction Marketing

Stop and Think

I would be quick to admit that there is a lot of hype that orbits around marketing. Often a regurgitation of facts, experiences and platitudes. You only need read some of the language used in a SM stream or on a personal Profile. It seems that one of the characteristics surrounding social media is ‘noise.’ And, it is becoming deafening.  I do wonder if this is a turn-off for builders, architects and plumbers?

Interesting thought

I understand that ‘multitasking’ makes our work 50% less valuable and takes 50% longer to complete! Added to this I also understand that it is physiologically impossible for the brain to multitask. All we are doing when we are supposedly ‘multitasking’ is to shift our attention span around – rapidly!

To combat this you need time to become clear minded and focussed when marketing your small construction business. In order to do that successfully you will need to have a clear plan of action which comes from having a well defined understanding of your marketing activity.

Sharp or Blunt

We have been given access to some of the most incredible communication tools ever known. However, you might have one of the best power drills ever produced but if your bit is blunt or broken the process of drilling the hole becomes much harder. It is therefore critical to fit a new sharp drill bit to get the job done. In the same way plumbers and decorators must stop and think how best to use your current marketing tools for your construction business.

Step back and Think

The reason I have been thinking about these issues is because social media is a very powerful medium for broadcasting your business and personal ideas across a large canvas of minds! A small architectural practice can utilise a couple of different platforms to get their message out to a targeted audience with a little effort and much thought. A building contractor can share pictures of their latest completed projects on Facebook and impress their audience. A QS might use a blogging platform to explain why a client should pay for a Bill of Quantities to go out to their tender list of contractors. All of these processes might seem straight forward to you but your clients may need a better understanding of them.

What am I Thinking?

Take time to stop and think. I am told that  I have over 12 million  people within my LinkedIn network. I have over 2000 followers on Twitter and this list goes on. That ‘noise’ of Social Media activity can and does distract us from achieving our goals. The key to getting results in your marketing is to focus your attention on using the platforms that are most effective for your business.


If you are an architect using Twitter and most of your work is linked to Local Authorities start following ALL of the Local Authorities within your geographical area and beyond. Develop a relationship with each of them by retweeting their tweets or asking questions. Find out who is responsible for posting on their current platform. Put a name to a LA.

You might want to contact them by phone and find out the best way to ‘get your foot in the door’  There are all sorts of ways to creatively build a relationship with new prospects.  Why not try it?


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  • interesting article John! I small businesses seriously underestimate the power of social media. Some thinking it’s a waste of time – People should have faith. Your customer base is there – you just need to find them!

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