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What do you want?

By April 4, 2013August 17th, 2018Construction Marketing

Helping market in constructionIt is easy to get in to the habit of churning out posts and sending them hoping that what is written will strike a chord in the minds of your readers. Of course, the law of averages will tell you that a small percentage of people will read what you write and find the content helpful. Others, will take the latest news and views and post their thoughts on the subject. This can be very helpful and lead to interaction with others of like mind.

However, communication is always best when it is two way because it means we have interaction and growth in our learning and ultimately the application of our knowledge will add  to our experience.

That kind of two way communication means that we are open to listening to others. That to me is what  social media is all about – listening, networking and collaborating!

My proposition

This is where I am being constantly challenged.

I find this part of the post quite difficult because the construction sector has been slow to take up social media in any serious way. Many have a random approach to using the amazing ‘communication’ tools that are available. I want to encourage others  to connect with like-minded people because the results are usually positive.

So, I am currently writing a construction marketing eCourse for you and although my work is well advanced I thought, hold on, I need to find out exactly what it is that YOU find challenging when it comes to marketing your architectural practice, building company or plumbing firm. In other words, I need to practice what I encourage others to do!

Social Media Questions

I want you to tell me in a couple of sentences what your biggest challenge is when it comes to marketing your small construction company. What do you want? Yes, be completely honest and share with me those challenges you face in bringing new customers through the door and I will build answers in to the coming eCourse.

“I have a simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches.”    –

Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Just 2 minutes of your time – PLEASE…

Please be as specific as you know how. I look forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance. The sooner I get your feedback the quicker I can go live with this eCourse.

See you soon.

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