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By February 12, 2013August 17th, 2018Construction Marketing


The word ‘Blog’ comes from ‘weblog’ which is an online diary.  You can share your thoughts and activities relating to your business or personal life through this medium. It is an excellent system for publishing and can be used by Architects, Engineers, Painting Contractors, Builders and anyone working within Construction. The reason behind this tool is to tell the marketplace about your special brand of activity, service or expertise. It is an essential part of a website because it is interactive and helps drive traffic to your sites when used alongside other tools.

The aim of blogging is to inform the audience about your business, which is why they signed up to your blog in the first place. By offering regular, focused writing your audience will grow and share your Blog with others within the market you are targeting. My Blog of choice is WordPress and I would recommend it to you.

Business Blogging

Why you might ask should we have a Blog as a small company? The same reason you have a website or brochure or profile. To increase and improve your chances of winning business.

However, I believe that setting up a business blog is a commitment that should come from the owners of the company. I have tried in the past to set up this platform for a company only to discover that the business owner was not particularly keen so I stopped it immediately. Blogging is not just something we can do half-heartedly because it is the ‘in’ thing. Rather, it needs to be a part of our marketing mix and a key component that will impact and inform our audience.

Blogging will display your expertise within your field as a Building Contractor and build your reputation and credibility. Your website may inform with a paragraph of how good your company is but a Blog will offer you the opportunity to tell others about your skill set, experience and knowledge. In other words, you know what you do but you need to assure others you know what you are doing.

Blogging will make a way to engage and dialogue with your potential prospects while strengthening your existing client base. It is an investment in your business which will prove to give you a return if done well.

Blogging impacts your business in a positive way by helping you improve your rankings with search engines as well as increase your audience. By updating and broadcasting your blog you improve your chances of increasing the opportunity to do business with a wider audience which in turn should lead to selling more products.

Blogging provides the platform to share with your audience what your business is all about. What you do, your products and services and who you are. In other words, the Blog helps to give personality to your business.

Blogging will enable you to share your expertise, experience and technical ability with others. It is not a magic formula but rather a tool which, when used correctly will give your marketing activity a boost.

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