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The Marketing MixEvery industry today is caught up in the marketing revolution and construction is no exception. There are many builders, architects, surveyors and engineers who are sold on the idea of social media and have made it a part of their daily marketing.  There are of course the sceptics who feel that it is time consuming, overrated and costly in terms of time. I also think there are those who are overwhelmed by the idea of social media and would rather stick with the tried and tested ways. In my opinion this is short sighted and social media must be evaluated properly by those in construction.

The other Issue

Of course there is the very real problem of having to learn how to use these platforms. Learning is a process and once you use the ‘p’ word it takes time, and time according to others is money. However, if you take the view that it will take too long to master these channels of communication then maybe, just maybe you might want to listen to what I have to say.

If all else fails read the instructions

We have all unpacked something from a box and started to assemble it only to later realise that it would have been a much better  idea to first read the instructions. It could have been so much easier and quicker! In fact if we take time to read the instructions on the box the outcome is more of a return on our investment rather than a waste of it! An architect needs to correctly interpret the brief given to him by the client and the contractor must read the architectural drawings properly to achieve what the client desires. Common sense!

Be wise

While waiting in a queue at our local post office I counted  21 pieces of information scattered around the window of the small kiosk. Most of it unrelated to why I was there and a distraction called ‘information overload’ I think this is how many within the construction sector view social media. Going back to my reason for being at the post office. I did what was needed and left satisfied that I had completed my task. What I am trying to say to you is select ONE platform and use it until you have it working for you and your business and then and only then move on to another if necessary.

10 Reasons why Social Media will help your Construction Business

1.  Marketing is all about people and social media will help you to build relationships.

2.  You may not have time to go to networking breakfasts but a few minutes each day on your chosen platform will help you to network with consultants, contractors, suppliers and clients.

3.  Having a website is one thing but getting people to look at it is another. Social media helps drive traffic to your website. This can only be good.

4.  Traffic to your site means interest in your products and or services. Again, good news!

5.  As an Engineer (Glen Cooper) or an Architect (Laurence Wright) you will be able to share your expertise within the market place. I have linked to people I know who use these tools. Why not have a look and be encouraged!!

6.  I find that people can be so encouraging and helpful and this motivates me to continue. I then realise that I am part of a growing community of people.

7.  With being a part of a community of supportive and helpful people comes opportunity to share and advertise your events like CPD, Product Workshops and Networking.

8.  As you develop this much needed community you will begin to integrate with other websites by sharing links, comments and guest blogging.

9.  Social Media can provide all the support you need if you do not have a website. All of your products or services can be shared on a blog, Twitter, Facebook et al.

10.  You and your business will become a brand name. With social media you can monitor this process and discover what is working for you.

If you can hear the call watch this space for further updates. See you soon…

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