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LinkedIn_IN_Icon_55pxWhile talking about social media I thought it was about time that we looked at some of the key reasons for using LinkedIn. Only recently I noticed that LinkedIn has signed up it’s 10 millionth UK user. It has become the number one business-related social networking site and boasts over 150 million users worldwide. In May 2012 LinkedIn announced it had acquired Slideshare along with it’s 29 million monthly visitors. So, this is certainly a significant platform.

How will this Platform help a small construction business?

How will LinkedIn help an Architect, Engineer, QS or Building Contractor? Well, that is what I want to spell out for you in the coming weeks  as well as include a free download at the end. Firstly, this platform provides the stage for professional networking. This can be done effectively by connecting with like-minded people and developing a network of trusted colleagues. You can ask and answer questions, post and find jobs as well as helping others you are linked to. LinkedIn is a more formal  platform as opposed to Twitter or Facebook which is geared to be more ‘chatty’ and relaxed.

Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile

1.  Create a LinkedIn Profile – Start off by registering a Basic Account. There is the option of a paid account but better to become really familiar with this platform before buying in.

2.  At the top of the page is the MENU BAR. Click on PROFILE.

3.  Complete your details. Add your first and last name as well as a photo (head and shoulders) of yourself. Make sure you do this properly so that people will be able to easily find you. The photo is important as others may perceive your account is dormant if there is no image of you. It also makes your profile more personable. You may think this is all too simple but a quick search will bring up many people without a photo.

4.  Personalise your “Professional Headline.” This headline will update to your current position. You do have the option of altering it to something else which may clarify your job role rather than your current position. Mine is – Owner at CMMuk providing flexible marketing solutions for the construction industry.


LinkedIn or Leftout

5.  List your current and past positions. To complete your  profile you need to add your current position and at least two of your last positions.  Make sure you add in the keywords that appeal to your target audience. You might have two or three positions which describe your current role.

6.  Add your education information. This is helpful when people are searching for old school friends and with a search tool that locates school contacts it makes it a most helpful tool creating new opportunities for you.

7.  Customize your website list and Twitter. You can list up to three websites under this heading. Choose the option which enables you to describe the links to your business rather than simply using the word Website or Blog.  Again, I have used Construction Marketing for my own website. Add your Twitter handle or name to the site which includes a link. Mine is @ConstructionMM

8. Edit your LinkedIn URL. My one is found here. This will enable your LinkedIn profile to show up on search engines which is always good for your brand.

9.  Start connecting with like minded professionals in Construction.

LinkedIn for Construction

There is of course more to come. See you soon…

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