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Twitter for Construction FirmsI was chatting with an architect just the other day on the phone as I do so often and the conversation got around to using Twitter. “I see you are on Twitter,” I said. “Yes,” he retorted in that voice that is actually saying, I ┬áhave wasted precious time. Instead of designing a building or carrying out a site visit I was stupid enough to sign up to Twitter. It was a big sigh and I was not going to convince him otherwise.

When I put the phone down I thought that it was worth writing a post on the 30 day challenge for architects, engineers and QS to take up the baton and set out to prove Twitter is a great tool for all construction sceptics. Well here we go.

1. Go to Twitter sign up where you will be asked to enter certain details including name, username, password and email address.

2. Before choosing a username think about what you do and who you want to attract and network with. For example, I chose ConstructionMM because I work within that sector and my role is a marketing consultant. The MM stands for Marketing Media. Choose a username which incorporates your company name if short or abbreviate it. You will need to think who it is you are wanting to target.

3. Use the SETTINGS tab on the top right hand side of the Twitter page to personalise your profile. Add a photo of yourself or your company logo. Use the ‘Bio’ field to explain who you are, what you do or something that will attract people. Mine reads, “Marketing consultant for small, medium and micro construction companies. Interested in people, loves walking and misses South Africa.” Who I am, what I do, describing something I enjoy doing outside of work and where I am from. Voila!

Twitter 2

It has provided me with a great opportunity to talk about Marketing, Walking and South Africa and has given me the opportunity to engage with people using this amazing tool.

Add your company website or your blog if you have one and your location so people can find you.

Do not select ‘protect my tweets’ option if you want people to find you. You will want to maximise your efforts on Twitter by being available to potential customers and contacts. If you protect your tweets then only your followers will be able to read them.

4. Add a background image to your profile. There is so much you can do here. It is of course your personal preference but you might add your logo or photo that includes something about what you do. Be creative and different but think carefully about who you are and what you do as well as who you want to attract.

5. The key is to now start building that all important network of people. Use the tools under ‘find people’ tab and start looking for people you already know and ask them to follow you. Reciprocate and return the favour by following those who follow you. Talk to people! Talk to people! Talk to people! Engage and people will be drawn to you.

6. Start sending out messages of 140 characters. You can add links if you want people to read your latest blog post or you might post something of interest. Talk to people as you would if you were standing in the same room as them.

7. Try this for 30 days and add Twitter in to your existing mix of marketing. You might call folk that are following you to chat because you have something in common. It will be worth it.

See you soon…

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