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Twitter Ramblings

By November 3, 2011August 17th, 2018Construction Marketing

I thought I might have left writing about Twitter for a while but somehow I got caught up again with this brilliant networking tool and decided to ramble along with it.

Followers and Leaders
Marketing has been evolving rapidly over the last few years and unfortunately leaving many behind. There are several reasons for this.

1. Some people just do not want to change how they ‘do things.’   I guess it is like that with everything.  However, if we are to make an impact with our marketing and grow our business we will need to make time to learn about Social Media and research the various tools available to us.

2. Then, there are those who ‘talk’ about what they are going to do but never seem to get around to actually doing it. There will always be something else to do that seems more important but, Social Media marketing needs to be seen as an investment in our business.  A leader will read up and learn about the processes and then make the effort to implement them.  If not then get someone in to do it for you.
3. There are those on Twitter who start well but fizzle out and lose heart because they do not see any results.   I see on Twitter those who dabble in the art just for fun or when they have an opportunity. It’s a bit like going for a swim and then arriving at the pool only to roll up your trousers and sit on the side with your feet in the water.  I believe you have to get in to the water if you are going to swim anywhere!  With Twitter it is about developing a network of ‘trusted friends’ and this will take time.  The key is of course – commitment!
4. Leaders seem to just get on and ‘do it’ and pay the price in time and energy because they believe in their plan of action and commit to seeing it through.  The difference between a leader and a follower is that the former  has learned to ‘get up again and again’ after failing or becoming weary and move forward. It does require perseverance and tenacity as in everything if we want to do well.

5.  Finally, being a leader will mean encouraging others that there is a way to use Twitter to maximum effect. This ‘gift’ is a real opportunity to connect with so many different and interesting people.  If you want my advice………..GO FOR IT!!! Take time to ENCOURAGE someone today on Twitter.  We are all going through hard times and encouragement goes a long way to making someone feel appreciated.

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