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Website for Architects

By December 1, 2010August 17th, 2018Construction Marketing

Aspects of an Architect’s Website

With the majority of people now turning to Google and other search engines when sourcing a supplier, instead of directories and phone books, it has never been more important for any organisation to have an online presence.

In the case of a firm of architects, a great website will reflect the firm’s professionalism, history and culture.

A CMS-based website (Content Management System) will allow text to be altered in-house, immediately. This is especially useful as regularly updated content will be more effective in attracting the Google spiders.

In addition, useful links and news feeds to publications and sites including Construction Magazine, Buildingtalk and will ensure that your content is both varied and extremely relevant to your target audience. You will therefore attract inbound links from developers, builders and construction firms, steadily building your online influence.

Many organisations are now inviting two way communication in the form of “forums”, which are proving to be extremely popular. In these forums anyone can ask questions or even just bounce ideas off others, turning what was traditionally a promotional vehicle into a useful tool for your target audience. In this way, you will increase traffic to your website, and convince visitors that you value what it is they have to say.

Where once, companies spent a small fortune on having websites prepared, modern software means that it can be done relatively quickly and much more cheaply than before. Remember that effective websites concentrate on ease of use and quality content, rather than complicated graphics and pretentious design.

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