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Twitter in Construction?

By November 24, 2010August 17th, 2018Construction Marketing

How can Twitter really be used for construction firms?

The social networking site Twitter is still seen by many professionals as simply a tool for informal chatting and wasting time which should be spent on actively progressing projects or sourcing new business leads.

However, these individuals tend to be those who haven’t yet fully grasped the concept and indeed the importance of this platform.

Firstly, the biography of the firm, its website URL and subsequently some of the post content will almost certainly be picked up by Google’s search engine spiders, and is usually rated quite highly, so if you choose your words carefully, this is an excellent – and free way of enhancing your SEO.

In addition, key words which you have used in your post content will be picked up by interested individuals, including key industry players and journalists, so you are in effect, developing your brand online and earning a reputation by posting significant and quality content.

Finally, one way marketing (telling your target market how you can serve their needs better than your competitors) has been replaced by “inbound marketing”, fuelled by social media platforms such as Twitter. This simply means that communication is now two way, with your target market able to quickly inform you of any change in their needs, ask questions, or tell you about a negative experience they have had with a particular area of your construction firm. This will allow you to respond instantly and perhaps retain a client you may otherwise have lost and show that you take feedback very seriously.

Twitter, if used correctly, should be an integral part of any construction firm’s marketing strategy, notifying followers immediately of any new clients, projects and great success stories. It is a formidable brand builder and can be used to publicise your blog posts to a wider audience.

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