Appointment Questions

Please note that these appointment questions have been compiled simply to aid you in the ‘process’ of relationship building. They are only a guide and not to be used to interrogate your prospect.

These questions have been developed with Consultants in mind but can easily be adapted to a contractor. They can be used during a ‘face to face’ meeting or over the phone. This information will help you develop a ‘picture’ of the work providers in the marketplace as well as give you useful information for your database.


Who are the ‘key’ decision makers for professional/contracting services?
Contact names/titles/positions/locations?
How do we get to talk to them?


How often do you bring in new consultants/contractors?
What are the usual procurement routes for professional services/contractors?

#Approved or Select Lists, Framework Agreements, E-procurement or ad hoc list#

How much is dealt with in-house?
Do you maintain any form of vetting procedure like Constructionline, Exor Management, Achilles etc?
Do you adhere strictly to this list?
What type of services do you outsource?
What size of projects do you put out?
How are your buying decisions made? Price? Other criteria?


Do you have any current or immediate requirements for our services?
What exactly will be required?
What is the scope/value of the work?
What is the timescale?
When will an appointment be made?
On what basis or criteria will the consultant/contractor be appointed?
Who is leading this project?


Are you aware of future projects that may go ahead?
Will professional services be required?
What is the exact requirement?
What is the timescale?
When will a “buying” decision be made?
Who is leading this project?


Thank you for the meeting.
Agree on appropriate action and recall date with the contact.
Confirm your keen interest in doing business and forming a long-term relationship.
Ask for referrals if this is a good contact.
Send an email thanking the contact for the meeting and underlining the details of the conversation and in particular the agreed recall date.
Diarise the date for follow up.