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Blog WorldAs a Building or Specialist Contractor a Blog is an excellent business and marketing tool. Of course you might think that blogging is for those best qualified to write well. I am not convinced about that!

However, it may take a little longer to write the first few posts until you get in to your stride and then it will become easier- not easy, but easier. A little imagination, a dose of research, the use of spell check and regular updates will help you to communicate with your network of followers. Throw in a sprinkling of confidence and away you go.

“I conceive that the right way to write a story for boys is to write so that it will not only interest boys but strongly interest any man who has ever been a boy. That immensely enlarges the audience.” Mark Twain


So, to start with, focus on the people that you are writing to and talk to them as if you were chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee! By doing this the writing becomes focussed and personal as well as interesting.

You may also be thinking that the ‘Day In the Life of a Contractor’ is quite ordinary and therefore would interest very few people. But, if you enjoy your work as I do then find an interesting way to communicate with others using stories, anecdotes and metaphors to draw people in to the post.

Here are 7 reasons good reasons why a Contractor should Blog.

  • Share your expertise as a contractor and build your reputation and credibility.
  • Blog posts open a way to dialogue with potential customers as well as strengthen relationships with existing clients.
  • Blog posts improve your search engine rankings and increase visitors to your website.
  • This platform enables you to broadcast valuable information to your readers.
  • This process of blogging will facilitate a better understanding of your business and what you offer.
  • Your expertise provides valuable marketing material within your industry.
  • People get to know you better and as their confidence in you grows so does their willingness to buy from you.

You might want to read an earlier post of mine called,  Builda Blog and see who else is using this effective marketing tool.

If you need any help with your Blog or you would like help setting one up then please give me a call on 0782 515 5165.

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See you soon.

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