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Using Twitter in your marketing mix as a building contractor is vital if you are wanting to network with  potential work providers. One of the key questions to answer is who to follow and how to find them.

1. Use a directory like Twitter Search to find the right people on Twitter. By doing this you will be able to identify and build your network of contacts.  You might want to use keywords, hashtags # , location or  industry to help locate them.

2. Follow people who you want to network with and where you share something in common. As a contractor you may want to follow Architects or Surveyors within your geographical area.

3. As you begin to build a network of contacts start to separate a smaller group of those you follow and investigate their profile more closely. Read their bio, check out their website, blog, LinkedIn profiles. You might want to add them to a ‘List’ on Twitter to see what they are saying.

4. This process of networking on Twitter will take time. Be genuine and don’t bombard them with advertising. Connect with them and retweet interesting things they say. Comment on their tweets with @reply and answer  questions they might have. Read their blog posts and offer constructive comments.

5. You might want to use the #followfriday hashtag for each of your smaller group of connections. Highlight something about them that you appreciate and ask others to follow them. In other words build a relationship with these people and earn their trust.

6. If you continue to develop trust  within your network the result will be an increasing number of connections and real engagement. You can dm (direct message) your contacts, email or call them.

If you use this simple strategy to develop your network of friends it may take some months but certainly worth it. See you soon.

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