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If you haven’t read my previous post about  why Construction companies need to use this micro-blogging tool in their marketing mix, here it is again. Why Construction firms should Use Twitter In their Marketing Mix.

I now want to develop a little about the nature of this amazing tool and why we should prepare for the long haul.

It’s all about PEOPLE

Of course, finding useful people is only the beginning of the work which needs to be undertaken on Twitter, on a daily basis.  The overall objective after all is to encourage those people to become your followers, in the hope that they may read about your organisation and become interested enough to contact you regarding any potential projects.

This is unlikely to happen simply by reading about you, however.  The one key differentiator between construction companies, particularly at the moment, is trust, not price (for most, anyway).  A developer will undoubtedly be looking for construction firms which offer excellent value for money but also for those in which they have absolute faith that the job will be carried out to a high standard, on time and to budget.

Persuading them that you are the construction firm which will provide all this and more is no easy task.  Which leads us into examining the very nature of Twitter.

Use Twitter – Long term for best results!

As we discussed earlier, Twitter is absolutely not a sales tool.  Business owners looking for a short term injection of sales and a quick fix solution to their problem are likely to be disappointed if they think that Twitter will provide the solution.  Twitter is for those businesses which have an eye on the long term.  It is a business development platform which will enable you to make contact with those businesses and individuals who may have otherwise proved to be unreachable.

For this reason, Twitter is the ideal platform on which to base the beginnings of a solid, long term business relationship with your target market.  How do you do that?

  • 1.  Find out what the individual/company is interested in and Tweet about it.
  • 2.  Retweet (ie forward) some of their more interesting posts.
  • 3.  Make sure you keep them updated with current projects you’re involved in, which may be of                        interest to them.

You should expect to work daily on this relationship for a matter of weeks or even months before seeing any tangible results.  For some business owners, this long term view is not something on which they are able to maintain a focus, but for those who do, the results can be very profitable.

Next time we’ll look at the practical aspects of Twitter.

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