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Handy social media marketing tips and resources

There are many “social media marketing” experts and guides out there to help you with your online marketing activities – some even focusing on the construction industry.  However, it will inevitably take time to find your feet with your online activity, so in the meantime, here are some tips to get you started:

1. Use Twellow search engine to find the most relevant contacts to follow on Twitter.

2. Use key words and phrases in some of your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts – these could be picked up by Google and enhance your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

3. Don’t just use social media platforms to publicise your firm or services. It’s all about creating relationships with potential clients, actual clients, planners, architects, engineers and developers, so make some of your posts more informal and perhaps even replies to questions.

4. Ensure that your webpage includes relevant site links to allow viewers to engage with you more fully through social media.

5. Send at least one post per day on the social media sites and at least one blog each week.  This keeps followers engaged and will continue to attract Google.

6. Don’t forget to use hashtags on Twitter.  Hashtags indicate a common theme being used in conversations across the site, with the most popular called “trends”.  Tweets with hashtags are monitored constantly.  Trending hashtags can be found at, with #construction specifically being extremely prominent.

7. If you are mentioned in the press or even have just issued a press release, post a cutting or the release itself on all social media sites, including your blog.  This will increase both its profile and online readership, as well as potentially attracting relevant journalists.

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