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I am always on the look out to help construction firms when it comes to reducing the time and cost linked to filling out PQQs. So, I was intrigued when I came across Builder’s Profile (BP) which promises to do just that.  After visiting their website I came across this statement;

“Our mission is the removal of all pre-qualification duplication, inefficiency and waste within the UK construction industry.”

Well, that sounds really good. In fact it sounded so good I arranged to meet the man behind the message.

Passion is at the heart of this Company

Well, I must confess that I seldom come across someone as passionate about his business as Frank Becker, founder and the driving force behind this promise. We drank coffee and I listened intently as Frank spelt out the aims and objectives of the Builder’s Profile. This Facebook style ‘online profile’ is a well thought out answer to the needs of the industry for the UK and beyond. There is no accreditation or vetting process involved and it offers a greener, paperless option for all clients requesting a PQQ. The BP is driven by a state of the art IT system which offers a seamless process for all participants, providing a client with a profile in any format they request.

Not a Pre-Qualification System

The BP is not a pre-qualification system but rather a data collection and distribution scheme. This is the beauty of this scheme because it is not in competition with Constructionline, Achilles, CHAS or Exor. And, it is on the side of the contractor and sub-contractor freeing them to get on with their business rather than completing numerous PQQs and knowing that most of them will achieve very little for them. Rather than review frequently asked questions here is a link which will give you access to them. FAQ

The proof of the pudding

With names like Ashe, Mitie Interiors, Kier, NSCC, Osborne and Buxton Group already signed up with many others it seems that it will be worth your while at least to  look at this outstanding service. After listening to Frank I left feeling convinced that this is an important process for the construction industry and a ‘no brainer’ for those struggling to keep up with the demands of too many client pre-qualification questionnaires. This is indeed what we call a win win scheme.

I would like to hear from you about this scheme after you have taken a few minutes to visit the website. But, whichever way you look at it this exchange service is a real answer for contractors, sub contractors, consultants and clients. I look forward to hearing from you. Builder’s Profile

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