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How you should integrate social media marketing into YOUR construction firm

It goes without saying that all businesses, large or small, should have a business plan, so they can plan their sustainability and growth, and measure their success over the short, mid or long term.

Your marketing plan should slot in nicely with your business plan, understanding where it is your company wants to go, and making suggestions as to how it is going to achieve those objectives.

The tactics outlined in that marketing plan should almost certainly now include details of how social media marketing will play a large part in all of this.  These details should tap into:

  • 1. Branding – regular communication to your target audiences, (planners, architects, developers, tradesmen,                 potential and actual clients), reinforcing key messages will help to develop and promote your brand faster and cheaper than ever before.
  • 2. Competitor differentiation – without openly criticising anyone else or naming names, your posts should               regularly  highlight why your construction firm is different; perhaps focusing on a niche service or your added client value.
  • 3. Promotion – if you have a current promotion running, let your followers or fans know about it and ask them to pass on the word.  Working much the same as a grapevine, information could be spread around the globe in literally minutes.  At minimal cost, because with all the new platforms now in the mix you will need to invest more time.
  • 4. Customer research – ruling out the need for costly focus groups or formal market research, you can find out what the public and your target markets think of you, your service and your brand.

Social media marketing is a continuous channel of communication with the outside world and as such, should play an essential part of your daily activities – whether you post conversations yourself or use an employee to do so.  It should be an integral part of your construction business and, used correctly, can be an extremely powerful tool.

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