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So, what is social media? Social media marketing is quite simply, a platform by which organisations and individuals can communicate with key industry players and actual or potential clients.

Most industries, including construction have long since recognised the power of this medium, but many have been slow to adopt the technology.  It has long since proved its worth, however; adding valuable weight to integrated marketing campaigns, branding exercises and promotional messages as well as obtaining relevant feedback from the market.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook – all should be seen as management communication tools, channelling information outwards as well as collating inbound queries, comments, observations and suggestions, too.

As a construction project will most likely require the skills of a team including architects, engineers, planners, builders and other tradespeople, it makes sense for a construction company to build up a strong network of contacts through a pre-existing social networking site.  These professionals can then advise and perhaps even offer suggestions, to ensure that the project is a successful one.  Being able to network from your desk now means you’re not wasting your time being out of the office, and your conversation is not limited in any way.

So, as a means of both outbound and, more importantly, inbound communication, social networks are certainly here to stay and are constantly developing to offer increasing functionality.  Any construction firm which wishes to remain competitive should recognise its importance and integrate this technology into its business marketing  plan.

If you need any help with setting up a Social Media presence please contact us because we are here to help you.

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