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Road stop on a streetYou may or may not notice basic mistakes when reading through promotional literature, adverts or website copy. Spelling errors, punctuation in the wrong place or grammatical nightmares rear their ugly head on a daily basis – and are noted.

A prime example recently was of some construction work taking place in the Eldon Square shopping centre in Newcastle upon Tyne. While the work was taking place, an advertising hoarding was erected, both keeping customers out of the site and informing them of an exciting new shop opening shortly. Unfortunately, there was a glaring spelling error in the advertising copy, which was picked up on and mentioned in a Twitter post to thousands of people within minutes of it being spotted.

Depending on your viewpoint, you may be of the opinion that these errors are not important, but be assured that to some potential clients, it is a sign of unprofessionalism and they will lose confidence in the firm.

Do you write with your target audience in mind? Are you focusing more on empathising with their needs and suggesting solutions rather than simply telling them about your business? If writing for a website, are you using the relevant number of key words and phrases to help your listing on Google?

If the answer is no, then you need to use the services of an experienced copywriter. Be careful, however – a good many so-called “copywriters” are also guilty of making basic schoolboy blunders within their work, so do your research carefully, talk to some of their other clients and ask to see samples of their work before you commit. If possible, choose someone who has inside knowledge of the construction industry and your client market, so they are able to use relevant terminology and pitch their copy accordingly.

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