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Appointments – Presentation

Appointments – Presentation
March 14, 2011 John

Prepare well for your Appointments

The day and time has arrived for your meeting and you are sitting in the office waiting to meet yourย prospective buyer. Remember first appearances are important so put on your smart rags and wear a tie. A friendly handshake and you are on your way. I have had clients call me just before the meeting to ask ‘who’ they were going to see! That is poor preparation!

Introduce yourself,ย your company and your business. Tell him/her what your company does (they mayย have forgotten what the meeting was about). If you have a business card give it to them.
You might kick off the conversation with โ€œI believe that youย outsource ‘your specific business’ ย services/products.”
Here is a list of some of the questions you might ask during the meeting. I will look more closely at this ย list in another article, which can be accessed on this site. If possible make notes of other contacts they might have, criteria for appointing a company such as your own and how they procure your services.
When you leave the meeting you should have certain important โ€˜piecesโ€™ ofย information such as will they give you an opportunity to tender/fee bid on the nextย appropriate scheme/job? What is the timing of this next project? Who is the decisionย maker for this project and is there anyone else within the organization that you shouldย be speaking to about workload? When can you contact this person again? Is there aย ย pre-qualification process in place for an approved list. Do they have Framework Agreements in place? These are key questions and they will help you understand how the organization works.

Your thoughts?

Do you think that you would like to work for this organization? Donโ€™t simply comeย back to your office with an empty statement like, โ€˜that was a good meeting!โ€™ Comeย back with facts, which will tell you whetherย or not you are going to get an opportunity at some stageย with this new work provider. What you do with this information is a key part of your investment. Next time…….