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Appointments – Follow Up

Appointments – Follow Up
March 17, 2011 John
The photo on the left highlights the importance of following up on your meeting. Each step you take in this process brings you closer to the prize. Do it well.
Follow up your meeting with a letterWhen you get back to the office the first thing you need to do is ย draft a letter/email ofย thanks to the decision maker. Thank them for their time and confirm the details ofย your conversation in the letter. This is important! If he or she requested furtherย details from you about your company, be sure to include this information. A prompt response shows them that you are keen and keeps your name in their mind. Include in theย letter the date when you will get back to them and close with another positive thankย you for their time. Be natural, but grateful for the opportunity and confirm your interest in working with them.
Please then ensure that you diarise the day when you will call them. Your role will be to review meetings and follow up procedures with your colleagues in order to capitalise on this investment.
“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline,carrying it out.”ย  ย – ย Stephen Covey
This is only an overview of the process required to build a healthy client base. Youย may need to change your approach with each contact. This overview will certainly giveย you a flavour of the demands of the market place and your commitment to thisย relational process will give you the competitive edge required to build your businessย with confidence.
Enjoy the process!!