Well Prepared PQQs

PreparationI have mentioned elsewhere that it is very important to read the Procurement Notice carefully before diving in to filling out the PQQ. A well prepared PQQ will take time and much thought to prepare. There are three basic questions you might want to ask yourself before completing one of these questionnaires.

Firstly, is the contract doable? In other words do you think your company has the experience and technical know how to complete the project? Is this job within your financial capability?

Do you think your construction company can win this job? There is no reason why you shouldn’t if you can tick all the relevant boxes.  If not, review your decision and ask yourself why you couldn’t win it. This may prove to be a learning curve for you.

Is this job going to be profitable? I have heard from a contractor already after winning a PQQ submission that he didn’t think the job was going to be profitable. If that is the case why pursue it?

Being able to say yes to each of these questions will put you in the right frame of mind while completing the PQQ.  Read on about The Anatomy of A PQQ

Download “Doing Business With The Government”   This is a guide for SMEs and although not solely related to construction it is worth reading through to improve your understanding of procurement.