The Anatomy Of A PQQ

What is their PainThe Anatomy of a PQQ

So, how is a PQQ made up and what are some of the key issues to look out for before and while completing one. In other words, what is the anatomy of a PQQ? As we have made clear the use of a pre-qualification questionnaire is common place in the appointment of both contractors and consultants for Public Sector construction work.

If you have not seen one  here is the anatomy of a pqq based upon PAS91 2013.  This document is an attempt to standardize all PQQs and so make the pre qualification process more straight forward.

Core Question Module C1: Supplier identity, key roles and contact information.

Business entity, address, contact details including registration and VAT numbers and type of organization.

Core Question Module C2: Financial information

This section requires a set of accounts, copies of Insurance statements and certificates.

Core Question Module C3: Business and professional standing

This relates to any criminal or civil court judgements including unresolved enforcement and remedial orders with environmental or rail regulation.

Core Question Module C4: Health and safety policy and capability

This section relates to SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) and wants to be sure you have successfully registered with one of these organizations. Do you have a policy and organization for Health and Safety Management?  This is a key part of the PQQ and you will need to convince the assessors that your Health and Safety practices are all in place and implemented during your contracts. The issue of risk assessments and your responsibility towards your suppliers are also incorporated in to this section of the pqq.

Optional questions will also be included such as Equal opportunity and diversity policy and capability, Environmental management policy and capability, Quality management policy and capability and Building information modelling, policy and capability.

Core Question Module C3 for Public Sector procurement – Mandatory exclusion

This section is used within the public sector and includes issues such as criminal convictions relating to bribery, corruption, theft and fraud.

Core Question Module C3 for Public Sector procurement – Discretionary exclusion

Here the pqq turns to issues such as bankruptcy, criminal offences or failure to fulfil tax obligations.

Examples of supplementary/ additional questions including in respect of organizational technical and/or professional capability.

Here the assessor wants to know if you and your company have the technical ability to carry out the project and if you have relevant experience with similar schemes.