About Construction PQQ

photodune-1062195-help-on-blue-sign-sWhat is Construction PQQ?

Those of us who have been around within the Construction industry for any length of time will know about the changes faced in Construction procurement. We have seen significant procurement improvements within the last few years and particularly within the Public Sector. These changes have included the way that contracts are procured.

Landscape of Opportunity

This process of Pre-Qualification Questionnaires and Invitations to Tender have created a new culture within the construction office. We have had to learn how to write bids effectively and be creative within that process without padding documentation with unnecessary blurb. Some SMEs have felt sidelined by this new process of procurement. This is not due to their lack of technical expertise or construction skills on a building site, but, rather by their inability  to produce documentation such as a policy statement or necessary accreditation.

This will become a Resource Centre

We are hoping to create a hub of resources for the SMEs in construction who are wanting to gain more market share through this process of pre qualification.

This procurement process has created a niche of opportunity for those writers who are skilled in the art of writing compelling tender bids and completing questionnaires to the satisfaction of the clients.  But, realistically we are also wanting to supply help for those construction companies who might find that this avenue of procurement is just not for them. They feel inadequate or unable to make that leap and so give up any thought of competing.

There are key facts that each submission will require and if you cannot meet those criteria then it will mean sharpening some different skills including writing, analysis and how to communicate added value to each PQQ. The alternative is to outsource those skills.

About Construction PQQ

  • We will help construction companies to understand this procurement process.
  • We will endeavour to define each stage of the process in order to encourage participation in the procurement process.
  • We hope to ultimately link in with people within the industry who are qualified to help SMEs with this process.
  • We will write about various forms of PQQ, ITT and Framework opportunities.