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We are obviously focussing our attention upon PQQs and Framework Agreements on this site. However, the important part of this process is to understand whether or not you will pursue this procurement route. Although these frameworks were developed with the Public Sector in mind the idea of the PQQ is fast catching on with private sector clients as well.

Government has made it clear that this type of contract or rather framework ‘vehicle’ for procurement is to include SMEs. It might be worth stating the obvious at this pointing out that employee numbers and turnover are reflected as follows for SMEs or Small Medium Enterprises as they are known:       SME descriptions

Do your Homework

If you are looking at any PQQ it is in your best interests to read the questions carefully before getting in a flap and trying to complete the forms. In fact, the client will often add snippets of information within the advert or notice which will let you know if you eligible for the contract. Sometimes they set a turnover limit. If your company is under that limit then it will not be worth pursuing the scheme.

Read Carefully and Answer Wisely

It is better to take time and read the questions carefully to understand exactly what the client is looking for in a contractor or consultant. Don’t pad! You know what your company is capable of doing but the client wants to be sure that you do understand what you are doing. Hope you understand that. In other words, you need to be able to convince the authority that you have the experience, financial backing and track record in health and safety to be able to carry out the work if you are appointed. Learn to craft your writing in a way that does not come across as being a ‘rush job’ Submitting a well written PQQ will show those viewing it that you are serious.

Statutory Questions and Understanding

The authority or client is wanting to see that your construction company completes the statutory requirements but also understands what you are looking for in a consultant or contractor. They will be looking to see how you have dealt with problems on similar projects and given the client value for money. As I understand it the client is looking for attitude as well as capability.