ResultsWhat is a PQQ?

A PQQ is a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire used within construction and other sectors. This site is mainly concerned with the use of this medium within the construction sector. The PQQ is a questionnaire used by clients usually within the public sector but becoming increasingly more popular within the private sector as well. Contractors, Suppliers and Consultants alike will bid for work through this medium.

Two Stage Process

Work opportunities are now being offered to suppliers through a two stage process. The first stage being the PQQ or pre-qualification questionnaire. The purpose of the PQQ is to select the best supplier for the second stage of tendering or ITT (Invitation To Tender). This process has become quite a specialist area of expertise.

CMM TipsAn important key to recognise before you start completing one of the PQQs. Click this LINK


A Tender is usually advertised in a publication such as OJEU (The Official Journal of the European Union),  SEBP  (South East Business Portal), amongst others and third party organizations which provide this service for an annual fee. Any UK construction business can apply to bid for these contracts. These advertised contracts are governed by UK or EU law and form part of a legal framework which ensures fairness and transparency throughout this tender process.

There are over 4000 UK Public Sector organizations who will use this Framework process.  Click the link to find out about framework agreements.

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