Focus on  Suppliers who provide Building Materials like Bricks, Cement, Lime, Flooring, Wood, in fact, anything that goes into a building.

Within a very competitive market, you want to optimise your marketing to focus on key procurement people. You will know who best to target within the industry but have little time to spread your net more widely to buyers interested in your product. This is where we come in! We can help suppliers set up a plan of action which when implemented will free you up to get on with driving your business forward. Or, we can implement an online presence and leave it with you. Whatever suits your business needs.

Are you too busy to attend to good relational marketing? We can help you.

We will take a look at your current marketing efforts and build on that until we have the model that best fits your business. Working with you to achieve your goals is our aim. Construction marketing is what we do best and this expertise will give you the confidence and hopefully drive traffic to your website and increase your orders. Each company has different requirements and so a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work.

What about Social Media?

However, we can review tools such as Blogging, Twitter and Facebook and measure this process using Google Analytics. Using these Social Media tools will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors who have not yet taken the steps to have a social media presence.

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