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Marketing Tip

Marketing Tip
October 2, 2014 John
marketing tips

CMM_Character_Small2Marketing Tip for Architects and other related Construction Companies

I was thinking that clients often say ‘you are only as good as your last job!‘ ย What amazes me is that there are some very good quality small companies in the construction marketplace. They provide quality workmanship and often go the extra mile to ensure that the work is done to a high standard. They are not making millions. But, they provide an excellent service. ย Therefore, make the most of the good and bad comments made about your service!

Here is a simple marketing tip that might prove helpful for your practice.

When you have completed your design work and your client is happy ask them if they will give you a reference. ย They might find it hard to put together a reference or testimonial so offer them the option of completing a small 3 ‘open question’ survey.

  • How would you describe your level of satisfaction with the work we carried out for you?Results
  • What ย aspects of my service that could be improved if any?
  • Would you recommend my company to others? ย If yes, why? ย If no, why not?

You can use ‘open questions’ to get a fuller answer or you might try ‘closed questions’ and develop a table to add to your website. See what works best for you.

Keeping your Testimonials Fresh

Once you receive your ‘survey’ back add it to your website. ย Don’t be threatened by ‘negative’ comments but use these to improve your service.

Hope it helps. See you soon…

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