Here is a list of questions that might be helpful in formulating your Marketing Plan as a Builder, Architect, Building Surveyor, Quantity Surveyor, Water Proofing Contractor, Painter and Decorator, CDM Consultant, Building Services Engineer and Structural and Civil Consulting Engineer, Flooring Specialist, Electrician et al.

CMM small Quotes“Plan your Marketing then Market your Plan!”

This LIST is not exhaustive but if you sit with a pencil and pad and begin to Mindmap your thoughts you will start to see your action plan take shape. You will soon build up a picture of the marketing process. Bear in mind that time and effort put in at the outset will pay dividends as time goes on. The emphasis should be all about ‘relational marketing’ which means customer retention and satisfaction rather than an emphasis on sales transactions.

Here is the list of Important Questions…

WHO are you going to contact?

WHERE will you obtain your leads?

WHAT do you want to sell to them?

SINGLE service or cross selling if you are a multi-discipline practice or have several products?

WHERE are they located?

WHO are your competitors?

WHEN will we contact them?

WILL we outsource this or do it in house?

WHO are the appropriate target personnel?

WHY would they want to do business with us?

HOW will we reach them?

There may be other questions which come up as a result of asking these but I am sure you understand where I am going with this. Gone are the days where you sit down and ‘number crunch’ through a haphazard list of prospects. Think about how YOU would like to be approached for business, then go and do likewise.