Focus on Main Contractors, Electrical, Mechanical, Painting & Decorating and all those companies that fall under the heading of subcontractor.

You will agree that running a successful contracting business at every level is becoming more demanding. Site visits, quotations, tendering, management, Health and Safety and a myriad of other responsibilities that fall squarely on your shoulders. However, any successful business needs ‘work’ to continue operating and this is where we come in.

Our expertise in construction will enable contractors to get on with other aspects of the business while we generate new opportunities for you. We can talk to work providers and get your company on to tender lists, recommend and generate approved lists that might interest you and set qualified appointments. We understand how to work with construction leads such as Glenigan, Barbour ABI and Builders’ Conference.

CMM will build a database of current and new contacts as well as measure the workload process for you. All of this will lift the pressure from you as an owner to get on with running other aspects of your business.

If you need further help give us a call to discuss your marketing further. T: 0782 515 5165