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  • Social Media

    I am often asked how the construction industry is incorporating social media into their marketing plan. In all honesty, I…

    by John
  • Marketing in the Upturn

    Marketing In the Upturn Although the economic situation is looking considerably brighter, all industries are being cautioned that we are…

    by John
  • LinkedIn or Left Out

    While talking about social media I thought it was about time that we looked at some of the key reasons…

    by John
  • Using The Right Tools

    We ย have all heard ย about managing our time on social media because it can become a real ‘time drain.’ Social…

    by John
  • Mr Architect – The World Awaits You

    Mr Architect – the world awaits you…….and Mrs, Miss, Ms and Master… Social Media is both fascinating and daunting, creating…

    by John
  • Richard Branson and You

    Have you read Richard Branson’s blog or do you follow him on Twitter? Interesting question you might say but how…

    by John
  • Unconvinced About Social Media

    Unconvinced?ย  Some social media marketing statistics for cynical construction professionals If youโ€™re yet to be convinced that social media marketing…

    by John
  • Handy Social Media Tips

    Handy social media marketing tips and resources There are many โ€œsocial media marketingโ€ experts and guides out there to help…

    by John
  • David and Goliath

    Most of us will have heard the Old Testament story of David and Goliath. Goliath a huge man, nearly nine…

    by John
  • What Is Social Media?

    So, what is social media? Social media marketing is quite simply, a platform by which organisations and individuals can communicate…

    by John