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Posts tagged with ‘Twitter’

  • Blogging

    The word โ€˜Blogโ€™ comes from โ€˜web logโ€™ which is an on line diary. ย You can share your thoughts and activities…

    by John
  • Social Media

    I am often asked how the construction industry is incorporating social media into their marketing plan. In all honesty, I…

    by John
  • Twitter for Construction sceptics

    I was chatting with an architect just the other day on the phone as I do so often and the…

    by John
  • Twitter Tips for Contractors

    Using Twitter in your marketing mix as a building contractor is vital if you are wanting to network with ย potential…

    by John
  • Twitter Ramblings

    I thought I might have left writing about Twitter for a while but somehow I got caught up again with…

    by John
  • Twitter 3

    This is the third post in a series about this excellent micro-blogging tool we call Twitter. ย In the last post…

    by John
  • Construction and Twitter 1

    Why construction firms should be using Twitter Over the last five years, Twitter has proved itself to be an integral…

    by John
  • Handy Social Media Tips

    Handy social media marketing tips and resources There are many โ€œsocial media marketingโ€ experts and guides out there to help…

    by John
  • Facing The Challenges!

    Over the last 10 years I have worked right across the board within construction marketing for multi-discipline practices in London…

    by John