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Posts tagged with ‘Social Media’

  • social media

    Social Media In Construction

    Social Media In Construction I thought it was time to have a bit of fun. So, I registered with Slideshare…

    by John
  • Action plan

    4 Good Reasons for Social Media Change

    4 Good Reasons for Social Media Change Or should I say; ย 4 Positively Good Reasons to Change How You use…

    by John
  • Social Media

    I am often asked how the construction industry is incorporating social media in to their marketing plan. In all honesty…

    by John
  • Calling Contractors and Consultants

    Every industry today is caught up in the marketing revolution and construction is no exception. There are many builders, architects,…

    by John
  • In Search of Tenders

    I have worked in the construction industry for long enough to know that one of the most important elements for…

    by John
  • Construction and Hootsuite

    Construction and Hootsuite In my last post I set out some general reasons why it is worth using Hootsuite to…

    by John
  • Using The Right Tools

    We ย have all heard ย about managing our time on social media because it can become a real ‘time drain.’ Social…

    by John
  • Construction and Social Media

    How is the construction industry incorporating social media? Without doubt, some organisations working within the construction industryย  are still viewing…

    by John
  • The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

    The title has been taken from a short story written by Alan Sillitoe in 1959. It is the story of…

    by John
  • Construction and Twitter 1

    Why construction firms should be using Twitter Over the last five years, Twitter has proved itself to be an integral…

    by John