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Posts tagged with ‘Planning’

  • preparation is a key


    Preparation – A key for life and Business Preparation is according to Merriam Webster ‘the action or process of making…

    by John
  • Getting the Job Done

      Getting the job Done Every day we walk in to our office knowing there is a job to be…

    by John
  • Plan of Action

    It is always good to sit around the table with a new client. There is a feeling that this is…

    by John
  • Twitter 3

    This is the third post in a series about this excellent micro-blogging tool we call Twitter. ย In the last post…

    by John
  • Anatomy of A Website

    Anatomy Of A Website I can remember calling construction businesses over twelve years ago to find out if they had…

    by John
  • Marketing Audits

    The marketing audit is a review or appraisal of your existing marketing activities. The audit will assess your past and…

    by John